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Monday, January 30, 2012

Vegan kielbasa?

PPK vegan Italian sausage

PPK vegan smoky maple sausages

PPK thread- spices to create different kinds of vegan sausage

Hopefully I can steam up some kielbasa this week.  My daughter (an unrepentant carnivore) really wanted me to get some meat kielbasa yesterday when I went grocery shopping.  However, 1) I couldn't find kielbasa and 2) I really do not want to buy meat if I don't have to.  So... I am going to try making vegan kielbasa.  Then I will see how it works in stew/soup.  I would like to use it in a vegan version of HamBeens 15 bean soup.


  1. Oh Thank you so much for the links to the vegan sausage recipes. My husband has been nudging me to make some and now I don't have an excuse not too.

  2. I just hope my daughter likes it. She is a real meat eater, and often grows tired of vegan meals. I know the one time I used Tofurkey vegan sausage, it didn't really taste very good. Hopefully the homemade version is better.