"Oh, I may be on the side of the angels...but don't think for one second that I am one of them." - Sherlock, The Reichenbach Fall

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

stuck on shepherd's pie

Vegan Shepherd's Pie  I've not been all that creative lately.  This recipe is tailor made for me.  Of course, there were the requisite changes:  I did not make gravy for the "innards" since it was pretty thick as it is.  I also did not use tvp or any other kind of fake meat; instead, I used black beans and corn, and canned diced tomatoes with chilis in them, along with onions, leeks, green peas, and, did I say onions?  I went pretty heavy on the black pepper, and did not make the mashed potatoes with vegan mayo or vegan cream cheese.  Those items are simply too pricey to use in something like mashed potatoes.  I simply used Earth Balance, salt, pepper, and unflavored soy milk. 

The results:  very very flavorful.  The carrots in the filling were not as done as I would have liked, but no matter.  It was still really good.  AND I sprinkled some Daiya atop my servings, as did Amy, and it was DELICIOUS.  Definitely a go-to recipe.  I will make this for my mom some time.  I think she would like it.  It cooks up really well, with about 25-30 minutes baking at 400ºF.